Oil-tanned Leather

Full grain Leather

We use a full grain leather – leather of the highest value and durability, that is made from the top layer of the cowhide. It does not have a synthetic leather coating as cheaper products use to have. It not only retains all of the texture of the original hide but is also more flexible. Don’t be fooled by it’s good looks, this leather is also tough! Small differentiating marks or scratches are evidence of natural origin and have no adverse effect on quality.


Among the various tanning methods, the vegetable oil tanning we use is one of the most classic and traditional. This method gives the leather unique characteristics and is very natural and environmentally friendly. It enables us to bring comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility together in one product.


Vegetable-tanned leather matures, it gets softer and darker, depending on your lifestyle and how you use your product. The natural aging does not compromise it’s durability and gives it a vintage look with warm color shades.


To keep the leather looking it’s best, you may apply natural leather wax, balm or oil. They all can have a different visual effect, we recommend trying them out on a small part of the strap first. You can also ask a specialist in your area to recommend the best product to use. The leather we use is already treated though and therefore does not need any excessive treating later. The only case in which we recommend treating the leather is extremely dry and hot conditions that leave the leather visibly dry.

Water & Dirt

Dirt, oils, creams or excessive amounts of water can soil or soak the leather. In that case, clean it gently with a slightly damp soft cloth and dry at room temperature. To protect it from excess water, you can also waterproof it using a water-repellent product for leather.

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