Product Features

Double Cross Leather Camera Strap is fully functional and adjustable. It features a durable non slip construction that uses all eco-friendly materials.

  • The beauty of this product lies in well chosen quality materials. The oil-tanned leather offers superb durability, resistant to everyday wear and tear, while still being soft to the touch. The wool felt keeps the strap in place and minimize the risk of slipping from your shoulder.
  • Personalize your strap by choosing color of leather, color of felt and color of top stitch on the outer neck strap. This gives you 80 possible colour variations you can choose from. For more information, check the Colorpicker and get your own Strap in our Etsy Shop.
  • The strap is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Slovakia (European Union) and proudly marked with our brand, which comes from the Slovak national symbol.

The Classic Strap:

  • The comfortable neck strap has a width of 4cm (1.6inch) and is sewed with rough wool non-slip felt for use over all kinds of clothing
  • The strap assembly includes 4 metal screws with a diameter of 1,1cm (0.44inch). Every package includes black and nickel-colored metal screws, so that you can choose, which color you prefer. The package also includes a spare screw for each color and a small ring for fastening the screws – all you need for assembly and disassembly.
  • The length can be adjusted from 90cm – 128cm (35.4inch – 51.1inch) by shifting the inner straps in or out of the outer strap and fixing them by flat screws.

The Classic strap fits most analog and digital cameras and can be attached both with or without the metal split rings. To use the strap without split rings, you can unscrew the mechanism that is holding the ring, remove the ring, attach the end-straps directly to the camera and re-assemble the ends with the screws. Always make sure that the screws are tightened well. Using the flat screw system, the design doesn’t include any metal buckles that can cause discomfort or even camera scratching. This way, we use minimum metal parts and make the strap as simple and flat as possible.

The Sling Strap:

  • The comfortable leather shoulder strap with non-slip wool felt has a width of 4cm (1.6inch).
  • Shoulder strap continues with smooth PAD strap with silky touch and color according to leather color choice. It’s 2,5 cm (1inch) wide.
  • The strap includes metal hook with screw lock and 1/4 inch screw to be attached to the bottom of your camera.
  • The length can be adjusted from cca 115cm – 145cm (46inch – 58inch) by shifting attached buckle along the PAD strap.

The Sling strap fits all cameras equipped with 1/4 screw hole for tripod. To use the strap, mount the screw part into your camera’s tripod hole. Wear the Sling strap over your shoulder and join the metal hook with screw part attached to camera. Lock the metal hook with screw lock. Now you are ready to go.

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